5 Things You Should Know About Onyx Countertops

Onyx has been known and used as a precious jewelry whose lavish, luxurious and natural beauty for centuries. It is contrasting shades, a wide range of colours and rich parallel layers are formed over thousands of years, creating a one of a kind material.

These days, onyx is on the rise in popularity to homeowners, builders or architectures when it has been mined with sophisticated techniques into big slabs at a time. Thus, people find them more possible to apply or integrate this gorgeous stone into their properties in the form of onyx countertops for their kitchen, front desk office, bar countertops,…

One clear take-away point that anyone thinking about using onyx in their home should know, is that it is a wonderful addition to interiors that lends warmth and grace to rooms, and adds more value to a home. Beside that, Onyx also has a great attractions to buyers because of other unique features. If you are think of using onyx but are not sure if it is the best fit, let’s discover more about pros and cons of onyx with Vietcan Stone Inc.

  1. Gorgeous Appearance:

People love to use Onyx for the countertops because of its stunning looks which is a truly unique addition to your home. Just like other materials, onyx comes in a wide range of different colours, tones and designs. Onyx can be found in range from green to blue to red to yellow. Onyx is also available in neutral tones, such as cream and beige.

Onyx have exceptional patterns and variations which make it more unique. As we can see, it can have small specks in it, much like you could see in quartz. It can have veins in it, like you see in marble. Or it can have swirls in, like you find in granite. Each slab of onyx has a different look impressively in colours and patterns, that makes it more gorgeous when applying to your space.

2. Long Lifespan:

Being mined and made from natural stone, Onyx, just like granite and marble, it can last up to 100 years. When each onyx slabs cared for and maintained properly, it can maintain its own values for long-term without replacement works. This will save your time, money and ensure your house value upgraded and substantive.

Onyx Island – Luxury Kitchen – Vietcan Stone

3. Light-Weight:

Onyx is much lighter than other natural stone materials such as granite and marble. In facts, you can use onyx as a countertop without having to use additional support to keep it in place, as you would with the other stones, making it easy to be used in creative applications

Even though Onyx may be light-weight, it’s still incredibly durable and perfect for use in high-traffic areas such as the kitchen or bathroom.

4. Translucent:

One of exceptional benefits of onyx is its translucence which makes it seem delicate to the touch. This property allows light to shine all the way through when you placed a light behind the stone. This means that you can backlight onyx and it allows you to have a backlit bar countertop. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the uneven distribution of light on the stones surface.

Depending on the spectrum of the light source used for the backlighting, the colours present in the stone can appear warmer, more colourful and more vibrant. This feature creates a unique property of this stone that is something you won’t find with other materials.

5. Values:

Last but not least, the advantage we should know about onyx countertops is that onyx countertops can add value to your home.
Thanks to all of its many benefits, along with it is stunning aesthetic appeal, natural stone is a product favoured by most people. Especially, the buyers are always looking for something unique and that wows them when they are spending high amounts of money on a house. Consequently, Onyx is a showstopper and something unique, which can help drive the price of your home up in this market and help it sell faster.

Stunning Onyx Stone Kitchen

Onyx impresses consumers and buyers with its unique properties. However, there are disadvantages to consider when using Onyx for kitchen countertops.

  • Fragility: Compared to some other natural stones, onyx is not as hard. it is brittle and fragile. Onyx slabs tend to come with a fiberglass mesh on the bottom backing to help strengthen and hold it together.
  • Softness: Unfortunately, onyx can be scratched or scraped easily, which makes it prone to taking on damage from everyday use in the kitchen.


Worlds largest backlit bookmatched onyx installation
  • High-Cost: Owing to its rarity, onyx is among the most expensive natural stone countertops. Along with the cost of the material, the cost of labour and installation is also generally more as you’ll have to hire a contractor with experience handling the material. This needs to be done to ensure the countertop doesn’t sustain damage during installation. Additionally, any repairs will be costlier as it’s not easily available.
  • Maintenance: Onyx needs to be sealed carefully when used as a work surface, be it in a bar, kitchen or bathroom. Moreover, you need to apply a special stone cleaner regularly to keep scratches and stains at bay. If you plan on using the countertop routinely, you might need to consider the cost of having it refinished periodically to ensure it looks as good as new for a long time.


It is undeniable that Onyx is an exotic natural stone that can make a breathtaking impression when used as a bar countertop. The varieties available offer a chance to create a visual masterpiece wherever you like to apply and install into your interior design. Besides all its benefits, please also consider few drawbacks of Onyx for your better experiences.

Hopefully, this post of pros and cons of onyx will help you understand and have better ideas when using Onyx. If you are still unsure about its properties, please feel free to contact Vietcan Stone talk with our professionals.

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